We’re Scouta – Your Partner In Economic Opportunity and growth.

Scouta was started by four passionate entrepreneurial women that believe South Africa’s success will be dependant on students entering the job market with skills and experience.

Our mission is to accelerate student talent into becoming South Africa’s next-generation business leaders.  As a digital-first platform, we empower any student from all corners of South Africa with an opportunity to earn, learn, pay down student debt and be set on a path to a prosperous financial future.

For corporate employers, we aim to create a consistent talent pool of the best young talent in South Africa.


Be a part of the Scouta Community

•  Most flexible platform for employers to hire students

•  Most trusted platform by students for getting a Job

•  Transparent, affordable pricing options including enterprise

•  Robust invoicing, contracting, and payments 

Become a Scouta Rewards Partner

As part of our incentive program to reward good jobs and deeds done, we welcome partnerships in offering our students extra value for their stellar work performances. It’s a great opportunity to engage with your target audience, test your product and even gain some exposure to their peers and beyond.

Please connect with us to collaborate in offering something a little more rewarding to our students.