About Andrea Munya

  • Age 20
  • Gender Female
  • Field Of Study BA Psychology & Communications
  • Year of Study 2nd Year
  • Institution Of Studies Varsity College
  • Drivers License Yes
  • Availability To Work On Demand


An undergraduate student who is working hard to achieve a degree in Psychology and Communications.

I would see myself as a reliable and truthful person who is always ready and willing to learn new things and help where help is wanted whenever I am needed. A very friendly person who is always open to meeting and becoming friends with new people. My overall aim is to be well experienced, knowledgeable and to be well equipped with a variety of skills and experiences in my field and in my interests in order to help both my private and public lifespan within my maximum capacity.

– I am a great team participant, this allows me to adapt to any workspace or task assigned to me.
– I am an enthusiastic person who can easily initiate ideas to grow in any field of interest.
– I am keen to face challenges as I am willing to tackle sizeable tasks to stretch my full potential in the field.
– My degree programme allows me to handle pressure and take a positive learning approach