How To Create A Great Scouta Profile From Your Phone

So you’ve signed up with Scouta (Welcome!) and now you need to create a professional Scouta profile that is going to work for you. You want a profile that is going to get you jobs, right?

Here is our 4 STEP GUIDE to creating your Scouta student profile from your phone.

Step 1: + Upload Photo

Yes, you need a profile picture. 90% of candidates are overlooked by employers if they do not upload a picture of their face.

Student Profile Picture
Increase your chances of getting a job with a good, clear profile picture.


Have a look through our article 5 Tips for Taking the Best Profile Pic… for advice on how to make a positive first impression with employers.


Step 2: Complete Your Basic Information In Your Profile

You can’t apply for our jobs if you don’t complete your Basic Information – we need to know your deets!

  1. Click on My Dashboard
  2. Click on My Profile
  3. Complete your Basic Information
Student Job Search Profile
Complete your Basic Profile Information


TIP: The DESCRIBE YOURSELF section is very important. Take some time to think about your personality and why you’d be a great hire.

Step 3: Make Your Profile WORK FOR YOU!

You are competing against 100’s of eager, talented students for every job, so do yourself a favour and take the time to complete your profile.

  1. Click on My Dashboard (again)
  2. Click on My Resume – This is where you can start building your CV
Make the effort and reap the rewards! 


Step 4: Scouta is about a can-do Attitude – so Bring it!

The reality is you are not the only person looking for a job, and employers are hard-working, busy people. Do yourself a favour (increase your chances of an interview or instant hire) by making the employers decisions easy, show them what a great candidate you are, create a strong Scouta profile.

Create a profile today at Scouta.me

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