Q&A with Cape Town’s Creative Sweetheart | Caryn Klein

Q&A with Cape Town’s Retail and Social Media Creative Sweetheart | Caryn Klein by Sam

Caryn Klein is full of positive energy that simply radiates from her. We chat to her about how she managed to find a career that makes her heart skip a beat, and how she finds it so easy to love what she does every, single day! And, how social media shapes her zest for life. You can follow her on Instagram @carynklein.

Scouta: Tell us a little bit about who you are! What makes Caryn Klein tick?

Caryn: I’m an observer, a good listener, and enjoy making people feel good. I love life, and value experiences and memories. I try to take care of myself emotionally and health-wise, and enjoy seeing this good energy rub off onto the people around me.

Scouta: Before we really kick things off, we’re going to pay you a compliment. Your social media platforms are the bomb! What inspired you to start a photographed collective of your life?

Caryn: Thank you! I like to find the beauty in everyday life. Capturing and sharing that through my social media page is a hobby that allows me to explore my creative side. I have found that often it inspires people who view the page; this to me is rewarding.

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Scouta: If we sat down with the person closest to you, what would he/she say is your best trait, and what drives them mad about you?

Caryn: My best friend would say my creativity, and keen sense of adventure is probably the best thing about me! However, she’d also say that I don’t voice my opinions loudly enough.

Scouta: What did you choose to study, and why?

Caryn: After high school, I knew I wanted to do something that would make a difference in people’s lives, so I decided to do my in-service training at Cape Mental Health in social work. But, I found it dull and a little depressing, and decided that I wanted to something a little more positive. A good friend of mine suggested the beauty industry.

I then worked as a part-time beautician at a salon in Claremont, while I studied. After college I worked in a few salons, and decided to venture on my own doing specialised treatments. This was fun, but not easy doing it on my own. I felt a pressing need to try something different and to learn a new skill, but still within the service industry. I then started my journey with Petit love and found my passion in retail.

Scouta: If your student-self suddenly found itself inhabiting your current body, what would your student-self do first?

Caryn: I remember when, as a student, we used to have access to treatments daily, and this was important to me, so I would a book a full day spa treatment and relax. I believe it is essential to have a balanced work life, and to take care of yourself. If You look good, you’ll feel good.

Scouta: You mentioned that you’ve found your passion in retail. Can you tell us a bit more about your role?

Caryn: My role is to bring the magic and all things wonderful, making sure the store, and our team, are looking cute. Also, to encourage a healthy, balanced work life.

Scouta: What would you say is the golden team rule at Petit Love?

Caryn: I’d say that the golden rule is to go the extra mile.

Scouta: What does your version of success look like?

Caryn: Being able to earn an income by doing what I love. And, being able to constantly be in a space of personal and career growth.

Scouta: Just for today, you’re on the Scouta marketing team. What message would you want to give potential employers as a student?

Caryn: Take the time to listen, you might learn something new.

Scouta: Ok cool. Now, let’s swap roles, what message would you want to give potential student employees?

Caryn: Get out there and see what the market has to offer, you might just find a new passion.

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